Club History. . .

Ettington Park Riding Club. . . .

Ettington Park Riding Club was established in 1979 by Sue Guest, Ken Edwards Tony & Sheila South and Ray Cubberly and held its first club meeting at the Ettington Park Hotel. Bill Pettiegrew had a riding school at the back of the hotel which he let the riding club use. This helped establish a base for the club. It wasn't long before Ray was roped into being chairman for the club, and all bar a twelve month period, has been ever since. In the early days the club use to hold instructional rides, as well as pub and picnic rides. It wasnít long before the club started holding its own shows open to non members. There have always been two shows held every year, one in the spring and one in the autumn. The spring show was moved to the summer after only two years owing to it being cancelled due to heavy snow. It was so cold the ring ropes had 2Ē of ice hanging off them!!! 

Of course back then to save money they use to make the ring stakes from the trees that surrounded Ettington Park Hotel. No one can tell me if they had permission from Ettington Park Hotel to actually do that. Still, if they didnít know we werenít going to tell them. As another cost saving excersise, the show toilets use to consist of a hole in the ground and a couple of staked sheets to protect oneís modesty! Iím glad to say we now have more substantial facilities.



Chairman Ray Cubberley showing off his skills at the Club night in 1983



Tony South showing us how to ride western style 1981


As the years passed the club began to get more success. It wasnít long before we were regularly having teams or individuals qualify for the Riding Club Championships. As well as the two shows we also hold a dressage show which takes place every May (snow permitting of course!!!).  The club also likes to organize regular social evenings for all its members and friends.

Kineton Riding Club. . . . .

Kineton Riding Club was formed in the early 1990's for riders in the southern area of Warwickshire; its members are from Stratford upon Avon, Wellesbourne, Kineton and surrounding villages.

Kineton Riding club would utilise Pittern Hill Riding Schoolís indoor and outdoor schools for our events, which have included Dressage and Show jumping events during the winter and a Novice Show in the summer.  Our Novice Show was affiliated to the Side Saddle Association and the British Show Hack, Cob and Riding Horse Association.

The club also ran instructional rides on Friday evenings during the winter months; alternating between poles and grid, show jumping and flat work.

However, to ensure the club members still have fun, events have also included a regular Fancy Dress Drill Ride in the run-up to Christmas, a social night to encompass our AGM in February and a summer barbeque plus occasional other events; for example an outing to a Village Pantomime!


 EPKRC. . . .

 In 2008 Ettington Park Riding Club and Kineton Riding Club merged to form a new riding club. EPKRC happened purely for economical reasons. Both clubs having a small membership base and were always going to struggle with costs and as both clubs were based fairly close to each other it made financial and logistic sense to amalgamate the two. Once we were given permission by the BRC to do so, the rest as they say is history. . .   




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